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Gajendra Solanki is dynamic and versatile personality representing youth.He is a well known celebrity fame international poet,who frequently visits U.S.A, Canada, England, France, Dubai, Oman, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal,etc.

He pens down his Indian traditional poetry in the form of geet,ghazal,dohe,chhand infusing the flavor of melody of love,affection,social issues,but he attained a luminous height, taking him across the continent by his patriotic poems,muktaqs on maa. He is a voice of India’s historical heritage,although he swings the mood and make crowd crazy when he perform among collage students,youth and recites poetry of their age with intense emotion,passion accompanied by his overtone singing touching high notes,putting his extraordinary technique to great comic effect and humor while addressing the audience.

His talent is not confined within the boundaries of poetry.He is a great singer,has been a consistent lyricist and voice for government of India. His various CD’s have been launched along with his books.He is a great yogi and been practicing meditation,yoga and self discipline all along.He has his expressive work on paintings.His intense use of brushwork and color labelled him as an expressionist artist .His 3D paintings depicts him as a realism artist.He has been a cricket coach. He is also a motivational speaker.He has given his motivational talks to students,professionals and has taken credit for inspiration.Last but not the least,he has his consistent involvement into social politics ,social activities and helping needies with bleeding passion aiming to see nation and its youth at a high that makes him more human above his profession.

Some Enjoyable Performances by Gajendra Solanki

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